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Terms of Use

The information, materials and data displayed on this website are provided by Best Solution Techs for informational purposes only and as a service to its customers.  The materials are administered by and subject to the terms and conditions stated in these terms of use.  By accessing, using, or downloading any of the materials within this site, you (an individual acting alone or on behalf of a business) agree to be bound by the terms of use. 



You understand and agree that the materials contained on this site are protected by copyright, trademark, patents.  You agree not to sell, license, rent, alter, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, edit or create secondary works from the materials.

Uses and Restrictions

Any use of the materials that is not expressly contained in the Terms of Use is strictly prohibited.  The right to use the materials is a license and not a transfer of title and is subject to the terms of use.  You may download a copy for the sole purpose of assisting in the purchase or use of the products displayed on this site as long as all copyright and proprietary notices remain.  You shall not: (1) alter or modify the materials for any purpose; (2) authorize, transfer or sublicense any provisions granted to you through the these Terms of Use; (3) provide any of the contained materials for sale or rental; (4) alter any software which is included in the materials; (5) remove any copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary notices from the materials; (6) copy, display, transfer, license, reproduce, publish, download, post, upload, transmit, sell or distribute any whole or in part materials or use the materials produce derivative work or (7) distribute the materials to a third party.


Ownership and Altercation of Materials

You understand and accept that all title, ownership, and all intellectual property rights in and to the materials and any copies of the materials are owned by and remain with Best Solution Techs.  All materials can and may be changes, improved or updated without prior notice.  YMGI may also make improvements and or changes in the products contained in the materials without notice. 

Disclaimers and Exclusions

1) Disclaimer of Warranties

Best Solution Techs makes no portrayal as to the appropriateness of the products and services described in the materials for any purpose.   The materials that have been provided are to be accepted “as is” including all flaws, without representation or warranty, express or implied including but not limited to the indirect warranties or merchantability.  Some entities prohibit the exclusion of implied warranties.  The above may not apply to you.

2) Limitation of Liability

The materials contained on this site may have some slight technical inaccuracies or errors.  Best Solution Techs does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the materials or the reliability of the advice, opinion, statement or completeness displayed or provided throughout this site.     You understand and accept that any such reliance on an opinion, statement or other information is solely at your own risk.  At no time will Best Solution Techs be liable to any person or entity for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages (including, without limitation, any damages resulting from loss of use, business interruption, loss of information, loss or inaccuracy of data, loss of profits, loss of savings, the cost of procurement of substituted goods, services or technologies or for any situation beyond its reasonable control).

Information from third parties

The content on this site may contain information provided through third parties and/or links operated by third parties.  If you use these third party links and leave the Best Solution Techs site you will so at your own risk.  Best Solution Techs does not operate nor control the information or Websites and therefore cannot make any warranty or representation regarding and does not endorse any contained information or linked Websites or information appearing thereon.  These links will not be construed as Best Solution Techs sponsorship or endorsement of any linked Website or the information contained thereon or that Best Solution Techs is associated or affiliated with, or is legally authorized to use the trademark, trade name, logo, or copyright symbol displayed in such third party Web Sites. 

Information You Provide

Best Solution Techs does not want nor should you provide or send any confidential or proprietary information to Best Solution Techs via the site.  You will agree that all any information or materials that you directly or indirectly send to Best Solution Techs through the site will not be of a confidential or proprietary type.  By providing the information and/or materials to Best Solution Techs via the site, you will grant unrestricted, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free license to use, reproduce, display, transmit and distribute to Best Solution Techs any such information.  You will also agree to allow Best Solution Techs to use any ideas, concepts, or know how that you or anyone acting on your behalf provides to Best Solution Techs.  You will agree to not send any information or materials that is threatening defamatory, obscene, harassing, unlawful or that incorporates any proprietary material of a third party.

Jurisdiction and Venue

This Site is owned and managed by either a Best Solution Techs representative or an Best Solution Techs appointed 3rd party.  This Site is governed by and construed in accordance with all laws of the state of California and as of matters affecting copyright, trademark and patents by United States law.   


Best Solution Techs reserves the right to change or modify the Terms of Use.  You can check periodically for these changes.  Best Solution Techs may end, change, suspend, or discontinue any part of the Site, availability, and features of the Site.  Best Solution Techs also reserves the right to impose restrictions on features and services and holds the right to limit access to the Site without notice or liability.

Export Control Laws

At no time does Best Solution Techs make any reference that the materials in this Site are appropriate or available for use in the location at which you are.  You agree that by accessing this Site you do so on your own accord and will be responsible to follow all local laws that are applicable.  The products and or technologies provided in the materials can and will be subject to the export laws and regulations of the United States and other countries.  It is strictly prohibited to re-export contrary to or any violation of, applicable export control laws and regulations.

Agency or Partnership

You agree and understand that at no time is there any joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship between you and Best Solution Techs as a result of accessing and using the materials contained on this site.  At no time will you have any authority or power to bind Best Solution Techs and yourself.  At no time will Best Solution Techs be held liable for any representation, act or omission made by you.


Best Solution Techs reserves the right to at any time to terminate your right to use the materials for any reason without incurring any liability to you whatsoever.  Your right to use the materials at any time will also terminate immediately if at any time you breach any term contained in the Terms of Use Disclosure.  If and when the need for termination arises you will immediately cease using all materials and will destroy all versions/copies of the materials in your possession. 


When it comes to inquiries sent through the website to Best Solution Techs, replies may not reach the particular individual making the inquiry, since the latter do not reach the responsible person handling them as a result of system failure or the attachment of any computer viruses, character codes render them unreadable, addresses for replies cannot be determined due to errors in reply addresses, or for any other reason.  If for some reason you do not receive a reply after having made an inquiry, please contact Best Solution Techs directly.

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